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Lots of companies talk about themselves.
United Dividers is focused on YOU.

Whatever YOUDemand.

United Dividers manufactures corrugated, chipboard & paperboard partitions & pads for container manufacturers, container brokers and large volume end users in automotive, commercial/industrial, food, beverage, optical, medical and pharmaceutical fields.

United Dividers employs seasoned veterans, many of whom have been with us for decades. United Divider’s tooling experts calibrate our machines precisely to meet a wide range of specifications. United Dividers maintains a fleet of trucks for unbeatable floor–to–door turnaround time. Just–in–time or kanban services available.

United Dividers is committed to innovation and quality assuring YOU a completely satisfying experience from design through production.





Corrugated Partitions
Single wall and double wall

Height 2" to 24"
Length 3" to 66"
Cells 1" minimum center to center

Chipboard Partitions
All types, including Kraft, SBS, poly-coated and more

Calipers .018 to .060
Height 7/8" to 12"
Length 1-1/2" to 48"
Cells ½" minimum center to center
All 100% recycled material




Corrugated Pads
Single wall and double wall

Height 2" to 40"
Length 3" to 66"

Chipboard Pads
All types, including Kraft, SBS, polycoated and more

Calipers .018 to .060
Height 7/8" to 40"
Length 1-1/2" to 48"
All 100% recycled material




United Dividers manufactures corrugated materials to meet a wide range of specifications. This classic material for protecting a product from breakage and damage during shipping provides maximum cushioning for glass and other fragile containers or products. Corrugated also maximizes carton stacking strength so YOU can maximize your storage space.  

Corrugated is preferred for tall and/or heavy parts, as well as glassware.


United Dividers manufactures chipboard out of 100% recycled materials. When appropriate for the application, this paperboard product offers YOU significant cost saving in the areas of storage, carton size and transportation. Chipboard can be custom–designed and die–cut, resulting in more precise dimensions and much less dust.


United Dividers can meet your specifications for the clean look and performance of paperboard products utilizing a variety of materials including SBS board, milk carton stock and many poly–coated materials.  

Paperboard is often preferred for medical, optical and cosmetic products.

Proactive Packaging Solutions

When YOUDesire reliably safe shipping solutions United Dividers makes them happen utilizing environmentally responsible manufacturing & materials, creative, out–of–the–box thinking & design, as well as responsive management & customer service.

Need something Unique? Arcs, circles, folding or interlocking trays? Specialty items?
United Dividers combines evolving technologies with innovative thinking to creatively & completely meet your needs. Ask us about our in-house precision die–cutting machines and/or YOUDesign Original Shipping Solutions™ service.


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